Ridge & Hip Dry-Fix Ventilation System


  • Accepts most popular ridge profiles.
  • Eliminates wet trades.
  • Provides statutory airflow.
  • Ridge mechanically fixed.
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For location on prepared ridge and hip configurations.   Two-part system consisting of dry-fix roll-out ventilation membrane with corrugated flashings to both edges. Integral adhesive strips to underside of flashings initially hold in place prior to placement and securing of ridges over the membrane assembly using mechanically fixed flexible moulded retaining gaskets.

The flashing section of the membrane can be trimmed back should smaller ridges be deployed. Provides ventilation at high levels to satisfy statutory requirement. Also appropriate where supporting flow is required to aid ventilation via permeable underfelt to address NHBC directive.


Promotes roof space ventilation at ridge and hip.


  • Rolls 6000mm x 325mm wide + retaining gaskets.
  • Max 5000mm² in continuous run to each side.
  • Black-Grey.
  • Alloy flashing, polymer gasket.
  • Compatible with most commonly available ridge and hip tiles.