Type W Render Cover

  • Polypropylene.
  • Florescent Green.
  • Pack contains 50 number covers.
  • Ensures the dual-function
  • Type W Caviweep/Cavivent
  • Promotes optimum performance.
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The Type W caviweep/cavivent is sometimes employed within areas of construction that are to be rendered.The grille on the Type W is purposely set forward,to deflect wind-driven rain blowing into the weep and also to prevent insect fostering within the weep body or beyond.(NHBC Standards Extra 21,2001 referred to the advantage of grilles in preventing insect entry and entry of wind-driven rain.) The Type W optional cover protects the grille of the weep during rendering.Each cover is brightly florescent coloured,for easy identification and removal following rendering.Please see other weeps within our range,including weep with integral cover,Euroweep,and weep with drop outlet.


Protective front cover to protect grille of Type W during single or two-coat rendering.


  • Polypropylene.
  • Florescent coloured.
  • Boxed in 50s.
  • Ensures the dual-function
  • Type W caviweep/cavivent
  • Promotes optimum performance.
  • Packaged in boxes containing 50 number.