Type VF Ventilation Flashing

  • Use in place of ordinary lead.
  • Easy to dress.
  • Supplied in flat lengths for easy handling.
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Where a monopitch roof abuts a masonry wall there is a requirement to provide ventilation of the equivalent of a 5mm continuous gap.The Type VF Ventilating Flashing is manufactured from British Standard lead to which is bonded a breathing base layer that permits air to enter and exit. When correctly incorporated at the roof /wall intersection,and flashing can provide the airflow requirement. Thus the Type VF Ventilating Flashing looks like and may be substituted in preference to ordinary flashing.It offers the advantage of permitting a roof to breathe – naturally..Always make provision for air travelling via the flashing to reach the intended parts of the roof.


To provide flashing and ventilation at roof and wall intersections.


  • Code 4 British Standard lead to BS EN 12588:2006.
  • Semi compressible breathing base layer.
  • Packaged solution for regulation compliance.
  • Boxed 3 No.1200mm x 300mm pre-creased lengths per box.
  • Free airflow rating 5,000mm².
  • Colour: Natural lead.
  • Pitch applications 22.5 ° to 80 ° (Do not use on roof pitches below 22.5 degrees).
  • May be conventionally restrained if required.
  • Available in boxed quantities.