Type PAT - Protective Adjustable Threshold

  • Contaminated Land Application when integrated with adjoining elements.
  • Rising gas arrested and controlled.
  • Downward gravitating water evacuated.
  • Integrates with reveal Caviclosers.
  • Ensures uninterrupted dual protection.
  • Adjusts to construction course levels.
  • Compatible with numerous wall barrier profiles.
  • Designed solution for Radon gas applications.
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Where gas barriers are present within the external walls of a building and the door opening levels punctuate the arrangement, there is a requirement to maintain gas-protection. Commonly door openings are at a different level (access requirements) resulting in additional discontinuity of protective arrangement against rising gas. The Type PAT provides both gas and water protection under and to the sides of every opening and does so in a way that eliminates discontinuity and provides adjustable connection with adjacent barriers.


The Type PAT - Protective Adjustable Threshold - is a three-dimensional DPC unit that is bedded within the external wall opening.

Integration between wall barriers and the Type PAT is achieved using the adjustable side connectors that attach to the Type PAT and slide up and down to the requisite level. The cavity face of each connector has a projecting connection profiled to match that of the external wall DPC/barrier profile. Once in position, all lapping sections are lap-sealed and gas-tape bonded. The footprint membrane is integrated in the usual way to maintain gas-resistent integrity.

The reveal closers (compatible caviclosers available) descend into the cavity-projecting sides of the Type PAT, terminating within its channel base in which are located flow-out drainage conduits. This channel base can additionally accomodate an optional insulating strip if thermal enhancement is sought under the sill.

The Type PAT is supplied in one or more connecting sections to suit the structural opening dimensions. The side connectors are supplied with different projecting profile options to match the wall barrier profile selected by the designer.