Damp Proofing

Combination Edge Insulators

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Ground bearing slab construction commonly requires perimeter edge insulation at its junction with all walls. Similar requirements exist with other forms of construction, to prevent coldbridging. By selecting an appropriate combination edge insulator, the thermal and acoustic arrangement can be accompanied with damp-protection, acting in addition to or as part of the ground floor DPM configuration.

The semi-rigid DPC is preformed at 90° to maintain shape and placement and provide easy lapping and interfacing with any adjacent DPM . Thus barriers can be incorporated at screed level (above slab) or below slab level, pending the DPM configuration. This extends the construction options available to meet requirements of Building Regulations and Robust Details where the overall resistance of the edge is required to achieve 3.04m²K/W minimum Combination Edge Barriers can be supplied in a range of sizes in the following two formats: 1. DPC Edge barrier with attached encapsulated rock wool insulation. 2. DPC Edge barrier with foil-faced Urethane insulation.


Combination perimeter edge insulator for use where floors and walls meet to provide thermal, acoustic and DPC qualities