Damp Proofing

Damp Proofing

  • Advantage Range
    Advantage Range

    Preformed cavitray without an integral lead flashing...

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  • Beak Weep
    Beak Weep

    The beak weep provides an alternative way of releasing...

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  • Cavicloak Rise and Fall Barrier
    Cavicloak Rise and Fall Barrier

    USE To protect against dampness and rising land...

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  • Cavicloaks and Cavilengths
    Cavicloaks and Cavilengths

    The use of preformed Cavicloaks and Cavilengths eliminates...

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  • Caviroll Premium DPC
    Caviroll Premium DPC

    Premium Caviroll DPC is manufactured from solid polyethylene...

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  • Cavity Insulated DPC
    Cavity Insulated DPC

    This insulated cavity wall DPC is built into...

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  • Combination Edge Insulators
    Combination Edge Insulators


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  • Coneslate

    The Coneslate is manufactured from milled lead, with...

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  • Curved Cavitray - on plan
    Curved Cavitray - on plan

    A range of curved cavitrays for use in curved cavity...

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  • Curved Cavitrays on Plan
    Curved Cavitrays on Plan

    Out facilities now include production of curved cavitrays...

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  • Euroweep-vent

    Euroweep-vents are positioned within the perp joints...

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  • Lead Fabrication
    Lead Fabrication

    : Lead remains one of the most malleable and durable...

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