Cavi60 Type SAF Vertical Cavity Barrier / Stop

  • Acoustic barrier.
  • Fire barrier - 1 hour rating.
  • Sloping shape deflects water forward.
  • Easy linking and continuity.
  • Cavity standard sizes accomodated - Up to 140mm wide.
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This vertical dual-function barrier is for use where separating walls (party walls) join exterior cavity walls. The barrier introduces a one hour rated fire integrity level and acoustic cushioning as demanded by legislation. The ends of the Cavi 60 Type SAF Vertical Barrier are angled so that each vertical length wedges into and against the vertical length under it, promoting continuity.

Water cannot permeate inwardly because all joins are made sloping forward towards the outer leaf (as with the horizontal SAF barrier).Vertical barriers are enveloped within a polythene sleeve sufficiently robust to act as a DPC, as defined by NHBC / Building Regulations.

In applications where a rigid DPC presence is also required, the barrier is available with a  available with a semi-rigid polypropylene DPC bonded to one side. The specifier has the choice of two formats, both of  which permit compliance in a manner most appropriate for the specific build detail. Cavi 60 Type SAF vertical barriers are available in a range of standard and bespoke sizes. Models also made for solid walls.