Continuity Closer

  • Blocks heat loss path.
  • Eliminates thermal spiking.
  • Acts as vertical DPC
  • First and second fix applications.
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The faceplate of the Continuity Closer spans both masonry skins and provides a rigid finish for reveal finishing of plasterboard on dabs or similar. The insulating core is stepped to close the reveal and interface with the adjacent partial fill cavity insulation. In so doing the Continuity Closer masks the thermal spiking path that should not exist but commonly does in both first and second fix closer applications. 

With the heat loss path obscured, the construction need not default outside the building regulations approved document L1A 5.9 that staes there shall be no reasonably avoidable thermal bridges caused by gaps.

Always state the cavity width and thickness of cavity insulation, so the Continuity Closer is supplied with the appropriately sized insulation core.


Cavity - standard sizes accomodated - 100mm. 

To suit partial fill insulation batts or boards of  50mm.

Standard 2400mm lengths.

Material PVCU + polystyrene core options 0.038W/mK to 0.033W/mK.


“Air gaps (between sections of insulation) are a serious issue with current forms of cavity construction and can affect all types of insulation products. In fact despite the superior thermal performance of foams (vs. full fill fibrous batts) it is likely that a far larger performance discrepancy is present with foam insulation, due to the potential occurrence of large air gaps.”

‘The 100mm Cavity Debate’ (Energy Saving Trust).

It is essential that cut pieces of board completely fill the spaces for which they were intended.


Insulation should be close butted with no gaps.

Gaps provide routes for dampness and condensation can form on the cold spots where insulation is missing.

(NHBC 6.1)


Practices can be seen in everyday construction that are contrary to the directions laid down by many mineral fibre and foam batt manufacturers’ literature, manufacturers BBA certificates and the relevant British Standards and Codes of Practice for the installation of insulation deployed to partially fill the cavity. Thermal requirement standards are being compromised where gaps are left adjacent to window and door openings. The correction of any opening once it has been built entails opening up the masonry reveal and carrying out reconstruction work which is time consuming and costly.